Sam Morris Nursery

Sam Morris Nursery, Finsbury Park N4, London

Value of pre school education

High quality pre-school education is known to give children measurable long term social and intellectual benefits. But these years should not be seen just as a preparation for school.

We have the following aims:

  • To create a happy and peaceful environment in which each child can develop his/her own personality at their own pace.
  • To encourage each child to develop his/her self expression and natural curiosity.
  • To enable the child to develop social confidence, both with other children and with adults, to develop an awareness of the needs of others and of the notion of right and wrong.
  • To provide a firm foundation on which to develop the formal aspects of reading, writing and numeracy.

Sam Morris Nursery. Finsbury Park, N4, London. Day care and pre-school education for children aged 6 months to 5 years

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