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General information

Safety and security

In order to protect your children during the day we have a strict security procedure that prevents unauthorised entrance into the nursery. You, as users, of the Nursery are also responsible for making sure that the door is shut behind you and that you do not let in anyone that you do not recognise even if they have a child with them. Inform a member of staff immediately that someone else has entered with you.

On accepting a place you will be asked to inform the Nursery of people who are 'Most likely' to be responsible for collecting your child/ran in your absence. This could be Grandma, Uncle or Family friend for example. The Nursery staff are instructed NOT to release your child to anybody with out your permission.

In the event of an emergency PLEASE inform the Nursery as soon as possible if someone different is coming for your child. The Nursery will take a brief description and we can inform your child of the change. i.e. "Uncle Mark's coming for you tonight." This also saves any embarrassment for the person collecting in the event that we have to check with you before releasing your child in to that person's care.

Sickness and medication

In the event that your child becomes unwell at Nursery you will be called to either collect your child straight away or to be informed of a situation for example they are running a temperature or have had a loose stool.

The Nursery has a sickness policy that is available at any time.

Please do not bring your child to Nursery if they are not well. It is not fair on your child on the other children or the staff as we work hard to reduce the spread of illness and infection.

We are able to administer medication that is prescribed by a doctor but if your child is on antibiotics we will only administer the remaining few days, due to the fact that if your child is ill enough to be on antibiotics then they are not well enough to attend Nursery. If bringing medicine in to the Nursery for your child you will be asked to fill out a medicine consent form.

We DO NOT administer 'Calpol' or other unprescribed paracetamol. However on Parental request we do give teething powder or gels to the babies that require it and we will use any nappy creams at changing time i.e. 'Sudocrem'.

Accident procedure

If your child has a bump or knock at Nursery it will be entered in to the Accident book. On collection of your child you will be informed of this accident and asked to sign the accident book as acknowledgement that you have been told. In the unlikely event that your child has a serious accident you will be asked to come and meet the nursery staff and your child at the relevant Hospital.
Please let us know if your child has had an accident at home.


As part of the extended curriculum, we aim to expand your child's knowledge of the environment and places of interest; therefore we try to take the children on outings as much as possible. If you are happy to, you will be asked to sign an outings consent form when your child joins the nursery. Please feel welcome to come with us whenever you can.

Special Needs

We welcome all children at the Sam Morris Nursery and so if your child does have a special need please come and discuss how your child's needs can be met by us. The Nursery is built to cater for disabilities and the staff have a wealth of experience and knowledge in dealing with special needs.

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