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Ofsted inspections and accreditation


Islington's Early Years Unit has a legal duty to inspect the services provided to ensure standards are being met and maintained. Registration is based on the requirements laid down in the Children's Act 1989.


In October 1996 the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) started a National programme of inspection of educational provision for 4 year olds, which was later extended to include 3 year olds. The purpose is to assess the quality of teaching and learning of children in 'The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework’ (EYFS) of their development.

Each setting must make it’s OFSTED report available and some (but not all) are on the internet at

The EYFS was introduced in September 2009 and it applies to children from birth  until they reach the end of reception in Primary school.

OFSTED inspectors are required to judge on the quality and standards of the registered early years provision. 'Early years provision' refers to provision regulated by Ofsted for children from birth to 31 August following their fifth birthday (the early years age group).  The registered person must ensure that this provision complies with the statutory framework for children's learning, development and welfare, known as the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Nursery was last inspected by OFSTED in July 2011, all inspection judgements were graded 1 / OUTSTANDING. This aspect of the provision is of exceptionally high quality.

The Inspector said that the “children flourish in this highly stimulating and welcoming environment.   If you would like a copy please do not hesitate to contact us, or you can view our inspection results here.

“Children benefit from the well resourced setting which supports their learning and development. Children move freely between the indoors and outdoors and are provided with a wealth of learning opportunities in each area. All children including babies are developing skills for the future.”

Ofsted 2011.

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